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My Perfect Pet Food

Quality, whole food ingredients are the foundation for a healthier immune system and a longer, healthier life.

Prepared with Care

Made in our own facility that is licensed for food manufacturing. See how we make our food.
Bowl of fresh whole foods found in Knight's Beef and Vegetable

Fresh Whole Foods

Boneless skinless meats are gently baked to the minimum temps recommended by the FDA.
Bowl of prepared food Knight's Beef and Vegetable

Finely Ground

The meat is blended with raw veggies, and finely ground for easy digestion.
Knight's Beef Blend for Dogs, by My Perfect Pet (package side) with Individually Wrapped Bars

Portioned to Serve

Blended food is formed into individual portion control bars and frozen to avoid preservatives.
Cat reaching up for My Perfect Pet Food

It Doesn't Get Better Than


Fresh whole foods in a silver My Perfect Pet bowl next to an individual food bar

Perfect Taste

Baking brings out the best in flavor and aroma! Think about it, when you put the raw turkey in the oven it is hardly noticed, but when you take that baked turkey out the entire house can taste that mouth-watering aroma!

Improve diet and health

Perfect Nutrition

Fresh whole foods are rich in natural nutrients, including Taurine, and are easily digested by sensitive stomachs. All ingredients are finely ground to ensure perfect nutrition in every bite!

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Perfect Quality

We only use human grade ingredients that are FDA / USDA inspected and certified. All manufacturing is done at our own facility so we have 100% quality control over every step of every operation. Supplements are individually sourced and mixed in our own lab.

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Whole Food Nutrition Never Tasted So Good™

At My Perfect Pet, we're just as passionate about the health and happiness of our "kids" as you. So we made it our mission to bring pets the perfect blend of nutrition and taste while making feeding time easier, too. How We Started

Watch Karen and Hunter's story

Watch Karen and Hunter's Story

"We are family owned and make every decision
based solely on what is best for our pets."

Backed by Science, Praised by Vets

Your Pet's Health is Our #1 Priority

We only use the highest quality human grade ingredients and manufacture to human food standards yielding nutrition that exceeds industry standards for dogs (AAFCO). We prioritize pet health over profit - read our founder's story that inspired her to create a better product for her own pet's.

We believe in full transparency, and that pet parents have a right to know exactly what they are feeding their kids. Our profiles have always included every nutrient in the AAFCO nutrient profile. We state where every ingredient is sourced and can trace every animal and vegetable back to its farm.

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Loved by Pets Around the World

Give Them Something to Wag and Purr About
"He licks his bowl clean every night... the vet says he is one of the healthiest dogs she has ever come across. Thank you My Perfect Pet for keeping my furry son healthy so he can live a long, happy life."
- Stanley

"I am raising a litter of pups and had no idea what to wean them to... I found out about My Perfect Pet just in time... I also love that you make grain free. The convenience of serving is a breeze with the premeasured bricks!"
- Lisa

"While working with my vet and figuring out what supplements a dog needs, I happened across My Perfect Pet. It was the perfect solution. Fresh, homemade food, PLUS supplements perfectly balanced for dogs."
- Tom and Debbie

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Got Questions? Ask Us!

Since 2007, My Perfect Pet is driven by one mission: improve pet health through education and nutrition. If pet parents knew how to make healthier choices, we'd have healthier pets. So many common health issues are directly attributed to diet! Have a question about your pet?

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