Fresh whole foods, featured in My Perfect Pet Food

Commitment to Quality

Just as important as how we make our food is why we do it. After losing our dog, Hunter, to contaminated pet food, we made it our mission to advocate for better nutrition and health for all pets.

Prepared with Care

My Perfect Pet offers a line of gently cooked pet food and treats. We use all­ natural, highest quality whole food ingredients—and nothing from China.

All of our foods are sourced in the USA, except for lamb which may come from New Zealand or Australia and coconut oil from the Philippines, but still meets our same strict standards. Every supplement is individually sourced for quality and contribution to nutrient profile. All of our products are prepared in our own food licensed commercial kitchen so we maintain the highest possible standards. We prepare our pet food products with the same care you use when preparing meals for your own family.

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Tino's Glycemic Friendly Turkey Blend for Dogs, product box shown with bowl of fresh whole foods and bowl of gently cooked ground pet food

Not only do dogs and cats love the aroma of freshly cooked meats, they’re safer for pet owners to handle and pets to consume. We gently bake all meats to preserve nutrients and meet the temperatures recommended by the FDA for human food safety. We only use muscle meats—never ground bones/frames, junk meats, by-products, pre-ground, or mechanically deboned meats.

We want the best for your pet’s digestive system. Once mixed with vegetables and healthy supplements, all ingredients are ground into small pieces for easy digestion and blended together to achieve an optimal balance of nutrients.

The blended food is formed into bars and immediately frozen, so we never have to use preservatives.

You’ll never see meals, by-­products, glutens, synthetic supplements, GMOs or other fillers listed in our ingredients. Instead, you’ll only find fresh, whole ingredients that are naturally high in nutrients that you can actually recognize and pronounce.

Complete and Balanced, Essential Nutrients

There’s no need to add artificial flavors to our foods. We use real meat, not just meat flavor. My Perfect Pet foods are complete and balanced to meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines. And we don’t stop at “crude” values required for labeling. My Perfect Pet offers additional nutritional analysis for all the essential nutrients based on a dog’s and cat’s ability to digest the food to ensure the right amount of nutrients are being absorbed.

Bowl of fresh whole foods found in My Perfect Pet, next to a bowl of gently cooked ground pet food

How We Make It

Our facility is licensed for human food manufacturing, meaning that we adhere to human food standards. We are unique in that we do all manufacturing in our OWN facility and have never used a co-packer.

Kitchen and equipment at My Perfect Pet My Perfect Pet team in the kitchen preparing foodWe even do our own supplements mixing in house, never using premixed vitamin or mineral packs.

Every step of every operation is 100% under our own control with My Perfect Pet Food:

1. Gently Baked to FDA Recommendations

Our process is very simple, much like a bakery except that instead of flour and sugar, we use meat. Boneless skinless meats are gently baked to the minimum temps recommended by FDA for food safety, and blended with raw veggies – the safety of cooked plus the benefits of raw.

Processing Temperatures for Pet Food Preparation

We bake each of the meats separately, cooking each only to the FDA minimum required temperature for that specific ingredient. Because we add the vegetables separately, we are able to preserve all the nutrient in their natural state, along with heat sensitive enzymes and other nutrients that go far beyond just the essential nutrients listed in the AAFCO profiles.

2. Finely Ground

All ingredients are finely ground to ensure uniform consistency. This eliminates any chance for pets to pick out the meat and leave the rest – and ensures perfect nutrition in every bar. Smaller pieces are also more easily digested.

3. Blended

All ingredients are blended together, and supplements are added last. This prevents natural vitamin supplements from being subjected to any heat.

4. Formed into Portioned Bars for Easy Serving

Blended food is then formed into individual portion control food bars and frozen which eliminates the need for any preservatives.

5. Frozen and Packaged to Reach your Kitchen Safely

Gently cooked chicken next to veggies on a wooden cutting board, next to an individually wrapped food bar of Low Phosphorus Chicken Carnivore, adult cat food, by My Perfect PetFrozen food bars are then packaged, and ready for distribution. Most of our food bars are individual wrapped, making them convenient to thaw and serve – or to toss in a cooler when traveling. Because they are prepared to human food standards, they can be stored next to your own food in the refrigerator or cooler.

The quality of a product can never be better than the quality of the ingredients used to make it AND the quality of processing. We use only highest quality human grade ingredients and manufacture to human food standards to ensure our products are safe for your pets and your entire family. Nothing goes into our products that isn’t good enough for us. Employees often enjoy lunch made with ingredients from the day’s production. At My Perfect Pet we like to say that we eat as well as our pets!

Transparency and Sustainability

Dog enjoying My Perfect Pet Food from a white bowl outdoorsMy Perfect Pet has always provided ‘clean labels’ to our customers because transparency, sustainability, pet health, and the protection of our environment have always been a fundamental part of our culture. Sources for our claims include:

  • Gluten Free: No products contain wheat, rye, barley, or any other ingredients containing glutens per Title 21 Chapter I FDA Dept of Health and Human Services, Subchapter B Food for Human Consumption, Part 101 Section 101.91 Gluten-free Labeling of Food.
  • Made in USA: My Perfect Pet products are all USA made per FTC Compliance Standards. All manufacturing is done in our own facility in Sulphur Springs, TX. All ingredients, except for some lamb originating in New Zealand or Australia, and coconut oil originating in Philippines, and all supplements are sourced in the USA. No substances from China are included in any of our products.
  • Natural Foods: Food ingredients are purchased only from carefully selected human food suppliers in their fresh, whole or raw state. Raw meats, poultry and fish have been skinned and deboned, but not subjected to any rendering, hydrolysis, enzymolysis, fermentation, chemical or synthetic processing. Natural vitamins are derived solely from plant or animal sources. Minerals are chelated or otherwise compounded to improve bioavailability and absorption.
  • Preservative Free: No substances are added to prevent or inhibit spoilage per FDA Food Labeling Guide. Products are frozen to prevent spoilage (and may be thawed in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.)
  • Recyclable and Recycled Materials: My Perfect Pet is committed to protecting the environment. All shipping cartons, including insulated coolers, are recyclable. Bulk retail retail cartons and bar bags are also recyclable per Federal Register Vol.77, Part VII, 16CFR Part 260 Guide for the User of Environmental Marketing Claims.
  • Sustainable Sources: Our selection process includes ensuring crops are grown in a way that helps to protect the environment, without the use of chemicals and pesticides, and that animals are raised in more natural environments with humane treatment.

At My Perfect Pet, we care about the compassionate treatment of all animals, and are working to ensure that our turkey, chicken, and beef ingredients are sourced from welfare-certified farms and ranches and that select blend recipes earn a certification recognized by the ASPCA®’s Shop With Your Heart® program by 2027.

Foods My Perfect Pet Avoids that you will NEVER see on any of our labels:

Animal Fats (all)
Artificial Colors (all)
Artificial Flavors (all)
Ascorbic Acid (synthetic vitamin C)
Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (synthetic vitamin C)

Beet Pulp
Beta-Carotene (synthetic supplement)
BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)
Bones (including bone meal, ground bones, ground frame)
Brewers Rice
By-Products (all)

Cellulose (powdered)
Chicken Meal (all)
Color Additives (all)
Corn (including corn meal)
Corn starch
Corn, dried
Corn gluten
Corn powders
Corn husk

D-Calcium Pantothenate
Digest (pork digest, chicken digest, beef digest, etc.)
Dl-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (synthetic vitamin E)
Dl-Methionine Dyes (all)

Egg Product (processed)
Emulsifiers (all)

Fats (all added fats)
Feather Protein
Fillers (all)
Flavor Additives (all)
Food Dyes (all)
Frames (ground frames, bone meals, ground bones)

Guar Gum

L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (synthetic vitamin C)
L-Carnitine (synthetic amino acid)
L-Lysine Monohydrochloride (synthetic amino acid)
L-Tryptophan (synthetic amino acid)

Menadione Sodium Bisulfite (synthetic vitamin K)
Mineral Packs
Monocalcium Phosphate

Oat Fiber
Oat Hulls

Pea Protein
Pea Starch
Peanut Hulls
Propylene Glycol
Potato Powders
Potato Starches
Preservatives Psyllium Seed Husk
Pulp (all)

Rendered ingredients
Rice Hulls
Rice Powders
Rice Starch

Sodium Bisulfate
Sodium Selenite
Soy (all)
Soybean (all)
Synthetic Amino Acids

Taurine (synthetic supplement)
Tomato Pomace

Vitamin A Acetate (synthetic vitamin A)
Vitamin Packs

Water (added)
Wheat (all)

Commitment to the Environment

Snuggles Chicken and Rice Blend for Dogs, My Perfect Pet FoodMy Perfect Pet is committed to protecting our environment and being good stewards of earth’s resources.

All of our case packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our cooler boxes may look like Styrofoam but they are actually made from 100% recycled materials and are also 100% recyclable – and are much better insulators! We hope you use them for picnics or packing food for travel, and when you are finished, please recycle them!

We source locally to the extent possible, preferring to work with local farmers and ranches who care about animal health and welfare as much as we do.

Our manufacturing operation is clean, and we produce very little waste. Our ovens operate at low temperatures, and all the juices that escape from the meat during baking are added right back into the food blends. Our offices are as paperless as possible.

Meet the Founder

Karen and Family, founder of My Perfect PetPrior to founding My Perfect Pet, Karen Neola had a successful 25 year professional corporate career in science, engineering, and R&D. Her love for animals was a fabric of her life and was well known among her friends and associates.

Karen’s other activities included involvement in various animal care and rescue organizations, nutrition, and founding of River Rock Ranch, known throughout as “Karen’s reject animal farm”, thanks to the countless strays she brought home. She was also a successful showing member of National Pygmy Goat Association winning several grand champion awards. It was a lifetime of love for animals and devotion to their health and well-being.

Then in 2007, heartbroken at the loss of her yellow lab Hunter, Karen changed her life direction. Within weeks of his passing the headlines announced the largest pet food recall in history and it was her wake-up call to what was really in the food she was feeding her pets. She embarked on a mission to improve pet health and longevity through better diet and nutrition, and to develop a pet food formula that used only fresh, whole, natural and safe ingredients – for her own pets. Karen dedicated herself to research and development, working with nutritionists, veterinarians, breeders, pet stores, and restaurant food suppliers to create the perfect blend of all-natural, fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients that provide maximum nutrition with the least processing and no harmful preservatives.

While her plan for years was to be retired from the corporate world and spend more time in community service with her pets and enjoy more time on warm tropical beaches, Karen instead found herself driven by passion to educate pet owners on how to make better food choices for their pets, and form a company that put pet health over profits. She was born with a number of food allergies herself and found pet food to be a natural blending of science, nutrition, and love for pets.

Karen has been recognized as a “Woman of Influence” in the pet food industry, and is an active member of the Love On A Leash, a national therapy pet organization. In addition to her managing My Perfect Pet she conducts regular talks for local dog trainers and clubs on the topic of “Understanding Pet Nutrition”.

Human Grade, Gently Cooked Pet Food for Dogs and Cats