Row of cats and dogs looking straight ahead
Licks his bowl clean every night

"Before finding My Perfect Pet at a Pet Expo, Nacho had tried several brands of "healthy" foods that were fairly expensive to very expensive. After a few meals he wouldn't want to eat them anymore unless I mixed it with ground beef or something else he actually liked. I was worried he wasn't eating as much as he should be or getting the nutrients he should have been getting. We started buying My Perfect Pet about 3 years ago and I have not had to buy anything else since. He licks his bowl clean every night. He is a healthy weight and during a recent visit to the vet all his tests were in range and the vet says he is one of the healthiest dogs she has ever come across. Thank you My Perfect Pet for keeping my furry son healthy so he can live a long, happy life."


Wonderful food!

"The xolos at azuwyn & jato love this food! ch. azuwyn's ain't miss b havin (aka phoebe, the first coated xolo champion in the world) is thriving and in the best shape of her life, thanks to my perfect pet food (and she certainly is a perfect pet)!! phoebe won't even eat green tripe any more, but she loves my perfect pet food! thank you so much for this wonderful food!"

Azuwyn, Mrs. Kathy Lawson & Jato, Mrs. Penny Inan & Mrs. Sandy Bridge

Fantastic diet

"We had great success with our first litter of 8 perfect pups. Mom & Dad were raised on My Perfect Pet food too so now we have a second generation in the works. I was amazed at how easy it was to wean them. What a relief for Mom! This picture was taken when we got back from their first vist to the vet. All were found to be in excellent health and the vet remarked on how great they all looked. We're going to miss them but they will each leave with a bag of MPP in the hope that their new families will keep them on this fantastic diet."

John, Scotts Valley, CA

We were both hooked!

"This is Pooh. He is a 6 1/2 month old Maltipoo and the love of my life. When I got him he weighed 12 ounces and was loaded with problems: Giardia, bacterial infection, and tapeworm. For 5 months I spent many $$$ at the vet, and tried so many different ‘recommended’ foods that I lost count. I stumbled upon “My Perfect Pet,” when there was a demo at one of the local pet stores that sell their products. By the time Pooh finished his first ‘trial' bar of 'Buckaroo' and a few 'Party Bites', we were both hooked! Not only does he love the food, but he also loves the staff that works at the company headquarters. He loves to go there for a "tour and taste" whenever we are in the area. I can't say that Pooh’s problems are completely gone, but the process is well on its way! There is no doubt that "My Perfect Pet" produces the perfect food and Pooh will be a fan (and eater) for the rest of his life."

Elly Millman, San Diego

Noticed a huge difference

"THANK YOU for this wonderful food. I am raising a litter of pups right now and had no idea what to wean them to as I have not had great luck with weaning to raw or to canned/kibble food. I found out about My Perfect Pet just in time. I put all my dogs on it and have noticed a huge difference. I have to tell you the biggest difference so far is in their stools. Hardly any and perfect consistency! To me that proves that they are using and receiving the most nutrition they can from the food. There is 3 times the amount of stool on kibble which means it is mostly fillers that are not being used by their bodies. The puppies love it and do not get all dirty from it. I have noticed a big difference in the tear staining as well. I am so happy!!! My dogs just can’t believe they get to eat this food. I also love that you make grain free. The convenience of serving is a breeze with the premeasured bricks! ...you guys have thought of everything. Thanks again!"

Lisa Des Camps, Allure Bichons

Loves his My Perfect Pet food

"Jynx has more get up and go than he has had in years. He loves his My Perfect Pet food and he seems to be moving around a lot better with the weight he has already lost!"

Laurel D.

My little guy will actually come running

"One night someone knocked on my door and asked if I wanted a dog. Thankfully I said yes and Ruppert became family. I have never owned a dog and am very unsure of myself in caring for this special little guy. My only problem with him was that he is a VERY picky eater, which caused me endless stress. A friend of a friend recommended My Perfect Pet Food and it was an immediate success. My little guy will actually come running from another room when I take it out of the refrigerator. No more standing over him feeding him tablespoon by tablespoon to see how much he will eat, no more throwing out food because he simply refuses it. Just eating and licking the bowl for every last molecule of this good stuff. Thank you so much."

Ann Brady

Owen dances

"Owen dances for his My Perfect Pet food."

AAA Pet Pros Grooming, La Jolla, CA

Healthy and happy

"I heard about My Perfect Pet dog food and had the opportunity to tour the factory and kitchen. I was amazed by the cleanliness and seeing the types of meats and vegetables that they use to make their products. I was hesitant when I thought of eating dog food, however, I do remember as a very young child, sneaking a dog biscuit! This was much better!

I have a 2 year old dachshund "Pumpkin" and she is the love of my life. I have been feeding her the My Perfect Pet food now for about 6 months and she loves it. Her fur is softer and shiny, and I believe she is healthier now that she's on a better food. I get many compliments from people when they pet her saying how great she feels. Pumpkin is the 5th dachshund I have had and all the others had health problems and were all fed canned dog food. I lost 2 of the dachshunds within a month of each other before I got Pumpkin. I am determined to keep her in good health and living to a ripe old age. I believe the My Perfect Pet food will help keep her healthy. This is a photo of Pumpkin with her best friend, Buddy, who is also loving his My Perfect Pet food. Don't they just look healthy and happy?"

Helen, La Mesa, CA

Latte loves MPP

"Latte loves her My Perfect Pet food."

Ellen, San Diego, CA

Thanks for helping my girl!

"This is Chloe. She's a 3 1/2 month old Chihuahua/Itallian Greyhound mix who is about the pickiest eater on the planet. When I met My Perfect Pet at the Phoenix Pet Expo I was at my wits end and was just about ready to come home and cook some chicken for her because I couldn't get her to eat anything. I decided to take a chance and get her the Buckaroo puppy food as well as a pack of the treats. I brought it home and she's eating like a little champ now! She's actually gained about a pound in a the little time that she's been on the food. I'm convinced this is the best for her and will share the information with anyone who wants the best for their pets! Thanks for helping my girl!"

Valetta Kemp

The perfect solution

"We learned about My Perfect Pet when I began cooking for my own dogs and my foster dogs in an effort to resolve some ongoing issues with weight gain, tear stains and a variety of sensitive skin and tummy issues. One of our dogs was gaining weight as a result of being on medication for an immune disorder. Others were constantly fighting red tear and saliva stains on their otherwise white coats. Our foster dogs almost always had skin irritation or loose stools. After deciding to make homemade food for them, I started to see some improvement, but I was still concerned that they might not be getting the right balance of supplements from my homemade diet.

While working with my vet and figuring out what supplements a dog needs, I happened across My Perfect Pet. It was the perfect solution. Fresh, homemade food PLUS supplements perfectly balanced for dogs.

Within days of switching to My Perfect Pet I could see a difference in every dog. Their "waste" was consistent and much smaller. Their energy levels were more active. Within a few weeks I could see a dramatic difference in their tear stains and the quality of their coats. The transformation has been amazing. No more kibbles for my pack and no more cooking and packaging my own homemade dog food concoctions. I'm leaving that to the pros at My Perfect Pet."

Tom and Debbie, San Diego, CA