How We Started

Hunter’s Story

Karen with Hunter, founder of My Perfect PetMy beautiful Hunter was my wake-up call to what was really in the food I had trusted for so many years. He became suddenly ill late 2006, and within weeks of his passing the headlines announced the largest pet food recall in history. When I discovered his death was caused by commercial pet food I was horrified – and angry. The more I learned about the pet food industry the angrier I became. What happened to Hunter and thousands of other pets should never have been allowed to happen.

No longer trusting any commercial pet food on the market, I began making my own, formulating blends based on countless hours with animal nutritionists and researching all available studies and clinical trials on ingredients, digestibility, nutrition, and relationship between diet and health.

We dedicate every batch to Hunter and the thousands of pets and families affected over the years by poor quality food we had trusted to be healthy and safe. My Perfect Pet is not owned or managed by venture capitalists, we are family owned and make every decision based solely on what is best for our pets.

As long as my name is associated with My Perfect Pet, we will never compromise on quality or safety for our kids.

-Karen, Founder of My Perfect Pet

(Pictured with Hunter above)

Company History

My Perfect Pet didn’t start with a business plan to capitalize on the growing pet food market, it started with a commitment to put pet health over profits and formulate diets that were not just 100% complete and balanced, but 100% safe for pets and their families. After losing her beloved Hunter to contaminated pet food our founder decided to make her own, adhering to FDA human food safety standards which included cooking all meats to the minimum recommended temperatures. Karen and Family, founder of My Perfect PetShe immersed herself into pet food research and recruited animal nutritionists and veterinarians to help formulate blends that contained only ingredients that were proven to be safe, easily digested by dogs and perfectly balanced to fuel energy and boost their immune system. She wanted a “perfect” blend for her own pets, and that’s how we got our name. In 2007 My Perfect Pet became the first company to launch commercially available products now known as “cooked frozen” and has been feeding multiple generations of dogs, cats, and even local zoo animals ever since.

As recall headlines mounted, she leased a 2200 SF commercial kitchen, hired certified food handlers, and began selling commercially. Quickly outgrowing that, the company expanded to 4000 SF, then 12,000 SF, and is now operating out of its own 20,000 SF food licensed facility on 6 acres in Sulphur Springs, TX.

My Perfect Pet is independently owned and operated. Integrity is our #1 core value, integrity of our products and integrity of our company. When it comes to quality and integrity, compromise is not an option.

Human Grade, Gently Cooked Pet Food for Dogs and Cats