4 Reasons Fresh Dog Food Will Make Your Vet Happy

Golden retriever smelling flowers from a tree

Has your vet asked you, “What are you feeding your dog?”

Nutrition is the latest vital assessment vets check. Temperature, pulse, and respiration were joined by pain, and now by nutrition as elements to check in every pet at every visit.

The nutrition vital opens the door for a dialogue between vets and pet parents about fresh dog food.

Here are four reasons fresh dog food makes vets happy:

1. Fresh food meets a dog’s nutritional needs.

You know to eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, that you need, and you know the healthiest way to get these is through fresh whole foods. Your dogs have the same need for nutrients from the foods they eat, and the healthiest way to ensure they get all of their daily requirements is also through a variety of fresh whole foods. My Perfect Pet has carefully formulated blends that begin with real whole foods that are easily digestible by dogs —meat, vegetables, and some with whole grain brown rice rice —that are lightly cooked for added safety and convenience. We add natural supplements where needed for rounded nutrition.

Talk with your vet about what your dog needs—and check out all the Essential Nutrients for Dogs we use in our food.

Denver can't get enough of his favorite blend, My Perfect Pet

2. Lightly cooked fresh foods get the seal of approval.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) endorse foods cooked to the temperatures recommended by the FDA. At My Perfect Pet, we cook human-grade food to these recommended temperatures. Vets can get behind lightly cooked fresh food.

3. Lightly cooked fresh food is safe for pets and their people.

You’ve heard of Salmonella and E coli. These bacteria and others may be found in raw meat. That could make your dogs sick. Even if your pet doesn’t get sick, the bacteria can be spread through the yard and into the home, which can cause illness in other animals or people. People who are very young, very old, or have compromised immune systems are at greatest risk. Therapy dogs are often restricted from eating raw diets prior to visiting hospitals, health centers, or schools because of the close contact they have with people during visits.

Variety of fresh, whole foods including meats and veggies

In response to this risk, the FDA and CDC recommend avoiding raw foods for dogs. Lightly cooked provides the benefits of fresh food without the risk of bacterial illnesses.

4. Fresh food diets keep your dog healthy—and happy.

Feeding a variety of fresh foods provides not only an array of nutrients your dog need but also key enzymes that aid in digestion. Good digestion means your dog is getting more of what he needs. It can also mean a happier dog (no more upset tummies) and smaller stools. And let’s not forget about taste. Dogs love the taste of lightly cooked foods. Vets care about animals and they want to see your dog healthy and happy.

You and your vet want the same thing—for your dog to be healthy. So when they ask what you feed your dog, say fresh, lightly cooked food from My Perfect Pet! That should make your kids healthy and your vet happy.