5 Reasons to Choose Meat over Meals

Dog (Akita breed) smiling and showing happy teeth

Dogs should eat real food, just like people.

Yet, most conventional dog foods contain a lot of highly processed and synthetic materials. If you want a happy, healthy dog, you’ll want to feed your kids meat—not powdered meals.

Here’s why real meat can make a difference for your dog:

All natural (really)

Human grade badgeYou see “all natural” on a lot of labels, but it doesn’t always mean what you think. If you want natural vitamins but see amino acids on the label, you’re likely getting either synthetic nutrients to fool the dog’s system into thinking it’s getting real meat, or it’s meat that is so highly processed it no longer contains the nutrients that were present in its fresh form. Your dog’s body can utilize the amino acids in muscle meat more easily than they can synthetic supplements.

The flavor factor

If you’ve ever baked chicken in the oven at home or grilled up a few steaks in the backyard, you might notice that your dogs tend to hang around while you’re cooking. That’s because dogs love the smell and taste of fresh meat. Meat meal, on the other hand, is unpalatable without added flavors. Choosing meat over meal gives your dog food he loves without unnatural additives for flavor.

Better digestion

Which sound better—eating food that is 90–95% digestible or food that is 30–50% digestible? Meals are only 30–50% digestible. That means your dog doesn’t absorb as many of the nutrients out of the food (and means a whole lot more waste for you to pick up in the yard!). Muscle meats give a lot more bang for the buck because they are 90–95% digestible? That’s why animals in the wild eat muscle meat and organs first. You get to choose what to feed your dog. Why not give them give them food with good bio-availability of nutrients?

No preservatives

You know that meat left out at room temp spoils pretty quickly. So any food that can sit on the shelf for months without spoiling must be highly processed or contain preservatives (or both). Freezing gets around that, by using cold temperatures, instead of added preservatives, to stop spoilage. If you want real meat without preservatives, look in the freezer, not on the shelf.

Vitamins and minerals

Fresh foods contain a variety of vitamins and minerals our dogs need. My Perfect Pet includes whole food naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, plus natural vitamin and mineral supplements only where needed to make the blends nutritionally complete and balanced. Compare that to dry kibble, which is highly processed and then gets sprayed with oils (again highly processed and preserved) to add the flavors and vitamins.

Dog reading a book: education is important to us at My Perfect Pet!

Better taste, better nutrition, no preservatives . . . real meat is the way to go. My Perfect Pet Food starts with real meat and vegetables. We lightly cook them and then freeze them for tasty, nutritious foods without preservatives or synthetic ingredients. If you’re looking for real meat, not meat meals, let us help you pick the perfect food.