5 Reasons to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Border Collie dog laying in the grass, featured with My Perfect Pet

Is your dog overweight? It’s easy to brush this question off, but pet obesity is surprisingly common—and it’s a real problem.

To maintain optimum weight, dogs should get regular exercise and eat the right amount of quality, well-balanced food.

If you’re not convinced your dog needs a change, consider these reasons to focus on dog weight loss:

Fewer Joint Problems

Joint pain isn’t caused only by being overweight, but more weight means more stress on bones and joints. To keep your dog’s joints safe, keep her weight down. Pain-free movement is not only more comfortable for your dog, but healthier too. A dog without joint pain is better able to exercise and be active.

Dog with light fur sitting on a bench, featured with the My Perfect Pet logo

Easier Breathing

Overweight dogs may have trouble breathing. This may show up as sleep apnea. That means your dog might stop breathing briefly during sleep. Dogs with sleep apnea may not get enough deep sleep, leading to a loss of energy during the day. While breed can be a factor in sleep apnea, so is obesity. Keep the weight down to keep your dog breathing easy.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes requires extra health care for your pet and can lead to a host of health issues. Being overweight is a key risk factor for diabetes. The good news is that exercise and maintaining a healthy weight reduce that risk. If your dog has diabetes, he may need insulin and a special diet and feeding schedule to help keep his blood sugar regular. Whether your dog has diabetes or you are trying to avoid it, getting to and maintaining a healthy weight can help.

Better Heart Health

A healthy weight improves heart health in people—and in dogs. Heavier weights are linked to high blood pressure, which makes the heart work harder. That extra strain can lead to heart failure. There are a number of heart issues you can’t control, but you can do something about your dog’s weight.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

While the exact link between cancer and obesity isn’t clear, dogs who are overweight have a greater risk of getting some types of cancers. Cancer can mean pain for your dog, difficult treatments, or even a shorter life. If lowering weight reduces the risk, why wouldn’t you help your dog lose weight?

You love your kids and want them to be around for a long time. One of the best ways to help them live a good, long life is to keep them healthy. As you’ve seen, maintaining an optimal weight reduces the risk of many health issues for dogs. Not only that, your dog will be more comfortable and have more energy and stamina at a healthy weight.

We always say: “Feed your kids the amount they should eat, not the amount they want to eat!” That’s a pretty good rule of thumb.

So, feed healthy foods like our My Perfect Pet blends, give your kids the right amount of food, and get active. Keeping your dog’s weight down is good for both of you!