Update for COVID-19

Regarding COVID-19

To Our My Perfect Pet Community:

We want to acknowledge this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19 and assure you all that we are continuing to provide the highest quality and best possible service to our customers. Our food safety and handling measures have always been top priority and have only extended to ensure the safety of our teams and our pet families during this COVID-19 crisis. We are asking for everyone’s patience and understanding if it takes a little longer to return phone calls or respond to emails. Our team is working overtime and shipping record quantities but demand has skyrocketed due to pet owners trying to stock up on their pet’s food along with their own.

We are receiving orders significantly higher than projected and at the same time supplies are limited. Please remember we are all in this together, and we will continue to do our best to keep up with increased demand.

We hope you are taking advantage of the extra time at home to spend with your pets. Please join us in continued prayers for the health and safety of our teams and for our local and global communities as we work through this together.

Last update: November 2021