Weaning Puppies? 3 Reasons Breeders Love My Perfect Pet

Newborn puppies huddled together

Weaning puppies can be challenging and messy. Input—getting the puppy to eat new food—can be a struggle, and the output can be downright messy and smelly. Weaning puppies often get diarrhea as their systems are still developing the enzymes needed to digest processed food.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

My Perfect Pet food makes weaning cleaner, easier, and more pleasant for everybody.

Here’s why:

1. Perfect Poops

If you think diarrhea is a necessary evil of weaning, think again. Breeders have dubbed us My Perfect Poop because diarrhea is not part of the weaning process with My Perfect Pet.

We hear again and again that there is no diarrhea, that stools are firm and small. Lisa Des Camps of Allure Bichons, said: “I have not had great luck with weaning to raw or to canned/kibble food. I found out about My Perfect Pet just in time. I put all my dogs on it and have noticed a huge difference. I have to tell you the biggest difference so far is in their stools. Hardly any and perfect consistency!”

What’s our secret? Diarrhea often occurs with commercial foods because puppies have not yet developed the enzymes to digest processed food. Since My Perfect Pet is fresh, rather than highly processed, puppies are able to digest our food easily.

Diarrhea isn’t just messy and smelly. It can be a health risk too. Puppies tend to walk in it and spread it throughout the kennel or pen, which increases the risk of bacteria and other pathogens. Better stools mean cleaner, healthier dogs.

2. No Forced Feeding

Just getting puppies to eat most commercial foods is a challenge. Not so with My Perfect Pet food. Breeders who feed mom My Perfect Pet food report that puppies crawl right into the bowl early in the weaning process. They just love the food!

That means no force feeding, no coercion. Instead over time, puppies begin to eat more solid food and less of mom’s milk. Instead of messy transitions, you get a clean, natural process.

Sandra Madia who used My Perfect Pet Buckaroo blend to wean a litter of pups says, “It was the easiest transition I have ever experienced.”

3. Easy on Puppies’ Systems

Happy young dogAll dogs need proper nutrition, and that is especially essential for growing pups. And since puppies’ systems are still developing, it is critical that food be easy to digest. Lightly cooked whole foods offer easily digestible, natural nutrients—a perfect first food after mom’s milk.

If you’ve weaned puppies on dry food, you know that you have to moisten it to make it softer  and easier for puppies to break down. Since My Perfect Pet food is naturally moist, puppies have no trouble eating it.

And since My Perfect Pet lightly cooked foods are both easily digestible and rich in natural nutrients, we don’t need to add enzymes, probiotics or other digestive aids commonly found in commercial pet foods. Puppies are better able to absorb natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, which means less stomach or intestinal distress.

In addition, our foods contain muscle meat, not ground bones. Bones, even when finely ground, can be rough on puppies’ developing systems. Muscle meat is easier to digest, so dogs get more of what they need with less upset to their system.

Breeders who have weaned with My Perfect Pet blends know it is cleaner and easier than weaning with commercial, processed dog foods—and that puppies love it. What better way to give your dogs the healthiest start possible!